Jacob Budin is a 29-year-old software developer. He works at Kettle and lives in Jersey City. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Penn State with degrees in English and marketing.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sidebites NYC

Introducing Sidebites NYC, an iOS app for finding New York City sidewalk cafés and eateries. Featuring over 1,000 establishments, Sidebites is the definitive resource for alfresco dining in the city.

The app is part of my continuing evolution as a programmer; not so much to learn a new programming language but to challenge myself to the inherent complexities of developing with unfamiliar technologies. Being able to quickly gain a certain base-level familiarity with a language and its environment is a quality of a good programmer. (Sidebites took about 25 hours to build, all inclusive.)

It’s my first iOS app written in Objective-C (with the MapKit, Core Location, and FMDB frameworks) and was designed for iOS7 (optimized for Retina and multiple form factors). The script that humanizes the raw data provided by the NYC Open Data initiative was written in Ruby.

There are a few UI tweaks I’m preparing to release in the next version. Soon afterwards, I’ll make the app’s Bitbucket repository public for inspection.

Get Sidebites NYC for free in the App Store, exclusively for iOS7.

Update (8 Jan 2014): The source code to Sitebites is now available on Bitbucket.